Metal Mesh vs. Plastic Mesh: When and Where to Use Each?

Differences between metal and plastic mesh

In the world of mesh products, the debate often centres on the choice between metal and plastic. Both types have their distinct advantages and applications, making them essential in various industries. Understanding the core differences between metal and plastic mesh can aid in determining the best fit for your requirements. In this article, we’ll delve […]

Choosing Between Plastic Mesh and Metal Wire Mesh: A Comparative Analysis

green balcony plastic mesh

It is often the case that when it comes to choosing a mesh material for any application, be it fencing, gardening, crafting, or construction, the choice boils down to whether it is plastic or metal. In both cases, both materials have a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages that are unique to them. Throughout this […]

Everything that you need to know about #12: Woven Filter Mesh

Woven filter mesh is an essential component in various industries, from food and beverage processing to oil and gas production. Its intricate design allows it to efficiently filter and separate solid particles from liquids and gases, making it an indispensable tool in maintaining the quality and safety of products and processes. In this blog, we […]

Everything that you need to know about #7: Hardware Cloth

hardware cloth bending

We commonly get asked to explain the difference between the mesh options that we offer. We also are asked to define the terms, such as woven mesh, wire cloth, wire mesh etc. More commonly in recent times we are asked about hardware cloth. The aim of this article is to answer any questions that you […]