Everything That You Need To Know About #1: Expanded Metal Mesh

expanded metal mesh

The Mesh Company are broadening our range ever further in 2023. One material that we are delighted to now offer is expanded metal mesh (EXP). We will be launching new options across the year, and we have written this handy guide to hopefully answer any question that you may have. Expanded metal is also known […]

How to Choose the Right Livestock Fencing for Your Property


The United Kingdom is currently home to over 200 million livestock animals. This means farm animals roughly outnumber the people 3 to 1. Animal husbandry requires proper fencing to keep the domestic stock in and wild predators out. Livestock fencing also keeps people and animals safe from each other. The best livestock fencing is tailored to […]

What is woven wire mesh?

A woven wire mesh, also known as a woven wire cloth, is made by weaving wire strands in an overunder method or underover method to form different patterns with varying specifications. Some of the most common weave patterns are explained below. Mesh weave pattern has a significant impact on which use cases it is suitable […]