3.5mm Hexagonal Hole Galvanised Steel Perforated Decorative Mesh Panels – 4.5mm Pitch – 1mm Thick

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Galvanised Steel Perforated Decorative Mesh

Galvanised steel hexagonal perforated decorative mesh panels are produced by punching flat galvanised plate with a specific round pattern.

Sheets with perforations are commonly used to allow air to pass through. Ventilation and filtration are the main uses for this mesh type. Rodent proofing is another use for perforated sheeting, as it is ideal for covering an airbrick vent due to its flatness.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key characteristics of this sheet metal:

  • Bending & Forming – Good. It is possible to bend this metal with basic tools. We advise that bending by hand is not possible as the thickness of the sheet is too great. The thicker the sheet the harder to bend
  • Corrosion Resistance – Good. We produce this from mild steel that has been zinc-dipped, which give it a galvanised finish that protects it from the elements
  • Filtration – Good. These decorative mesh panels have a large open area, consequently it is popularly used as a large filter or barrier
  • Welding – Possible. Galvanised metal, when properly prepared, can be welded in the same manner as uncoated steel
  • Painting – Poor. It’s best to paint plain steel since it doesn’t have a coating

There are many reasons to use perforated metal sheet for your mesh need. Above all, it allows for great airflow while providing strength and structure.

Galvanised Mesh Panels

The specifications of this perforated hexagonal decorative mesh panels are as follows:

  • Hole Size (Aperture) – 3.5mm hexagonal hole. This is the hole size from metal to metal
  • Pitch – 4.5mm. You can measure the pitch from the start of one hole to the next or the hole size plus the gap between the hole
  • Thickness – 1mm thick flat sheet. The starting thickness of the sheet when punched

Hexagonal Mesh

Our hexagonal galvanised mesh panels provides an extremely high open area of up to 85%. Sheets with holes of this configuration are very lightweight.

The stability of the parent material is of the utmost importance to maintain the shape of a honeycomb structure. This pattern produces an appealing, timeless design. The ability to control airflow can be used not only for cooling, but also the opposite effect using a targeted heat supply.

We have set a wide range of sheet sizes through this listing that should cover most requirements, but please check out this page for our full range of products.

Galvanised Steel

Made from mild steel that has been hot-dip galvanized for protection against the elements.  Hot-dip galvanized mild steel for protection against the elements. Coated in zinc to make it more hardwearing, galvanised perforated sheet is perfect for use in outdoor conditions. This EN ISO 1461 protective coat ensures the mild steel is guarded against corrosion, which makes it an ideal component in gates, fences, outdoor furniture, balustrade inserts and shelving.

The perforated galvanised steel sheet has a pattern of round holes that can be varied based on metal thickness, hole size, and pitch (distance between holes).

Perforated steel sheet is commonly used by architects and designers as they are able to play with light, sound, and visual depth using the patterned sheet. Our decorative mesh panels have been used to clad buildings all over the world.

Be aware that ‘Galvanised Steel’ and ‘Galvanized Steel’ refer to the same finish, therefore we use the UK spelling for our listings.

Long lasting and corrosion resistant.

About The Mesh Company

In 2008 Locker Wire Weavers launched The Mesh Company to bring our enormous range of wire mesh products to the general public for the first time. Previously wire mesh was only available for trade customers.

We continue to extend our range, and now proudly offer many forms of mesh and metal products for the best possible prices.  We specialise in woven wire mesh.  As a group we work closely with architects and designers to develop ground-breaking new applications for our multifunctional range of materials. We also offer state of the art fabrication and engineering for projects of all sizes.

Strong ties with the Warrington community continue to be at the very core of our business. We are proud to invest in the training and developing our staff of all levels in line with the traditions set by Thomas Locker, who founded our group 150 years ago when he invented the electronic loom. We continue to bring ingenuity and strong ethics to our day to day business.

The Mesh Company continues Warrington’s historic role in the wire industry. For more than 140 years, our group has been a leader in the supply and manufacture of woven wire mesh and wire cloth. Having been founded in Warrington, UK in 1878, Locker mesh products still retain the quality craftsmanship and spirit of innovation that were so characteristic then.

Perforated Metal Uses

Our customers have used perforated metals for the following applications:

  • Airbrick vent coverings for rodent control
  • Air conditioning guards
  • Bridge and balustrade construction
  • Various structural steel works
  • Automotive repair
  • Filtration
  • Various DIY and basic engineering applications

Available Options

We offer perforated metal sheets up to 2000 x 1000mm in size. Please email us if you wish to discuss purchasing these larger sheets. In addition, we also offer a cutting service. Please email us if you require a bespoke size – sales@themeshcompany.com.

We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to, so please feel free to call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602.

We also offer this product through our highly popular eBay store, check us out there too.

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