Easy Steps to Install A Rodent Mesh Roll in the Home

rat mesh rodent proof mesh

A rodent mesh roll is a great way of preventing pests from entering your home. It’s a simple and easy solution that can be installed quickly and will last for years.  In this short blog post we’ll cover the basics of how to use rodent mesh in the home, including what you need, how to […]

Everything that you need to know about #8: Soffit Vent Mesh

soffit vent mesh

We regularly get asked to explain the difference between the mesh options that we offer.  As soffit vents are one of the most common areas for mesh to be used in, we decided to write a quick guide.  We have covered everything from, which material works best for each requirement, to how to recycle and […]

Everything that you need to know about #6: Rat Mesh

rat mesh

The most popular use for our materials is by far rodent control rat mesh. This guide aims to answer many of the questions that our customers have before they select the product that best suits their individual needs.  Namely: What options do you have? Can rats chew through it? How do I install it?… All […]