Copper Mesh For Slug Control and Rodent Proofing – 3 Metre Rolls (10ft)

Copper Mesh For Slug Control and Rodent Proofing

Copper rodent mesh for slug control is made from 100% copper wire. This mesh is tubular, flat (approximately 4 inches wide) and rolled for ease of storage and use.

Rolls of copper mesh are used to fill cracks where pipes enter the home, as well as gaps around foundation vents. It is easy to shape, cut, and install. As copper is much easier to work with than steel wool, it will not rust and will hold up to the elements over time.

Copper Wire For Slugs

Copper rat mesh cannot be chewed through by rodents. Fill cracks and holes tightly to prevent pests such as rats, mice, squirrels, and birds from entering. You can use rodent control mesh on its own to plug gaps up to 50mm in diameter, or you can combine it with expanding polyurethane foam to plug gaps larger than 50mm. To use with expanding foam, insert the copper mesh into the void to be filled, then insert the nozzle of the foam can into the centre of the mesh ball and disperse the foam.

The copper slug barrier is easy to install around vegetable raised beds and pots. It ensures your vegetables and vulnerable plants thrive without being afflicted by snails or slugs. The best form of slug control is deterrent and this copper mesh for pest control is the best deterrent.

copper mesh for slug control can also be used as an effective cleaning utensil, as well as a copper scouring pad. The anti-microbial properties of copper are ideal for this application.

Rodent Proof?

To exclude mice, stuff copper mesh wool into small cracks. Rodents cannot enter tight spaces by crawling through copper mesh. Rodents cannot crawl through copper mesh so they must find another location to gather and cause damage. By stuffing copper mesh into holes and openings and other possible points of entry, rodents are hindered from getting in.

The copper mesh wire mesh will not rust and, more importantly, rodents cannot chew through it. It should, however, be tightly packed inside with foam or sealant, since rats will move it if they have the opportunity.

As a general rule, if you close an opening around a pipe or wire with just expanding foam, rodents will chew through it. By placing copper mesh in the hole first and then using expanding foam, the mesh will be enclosed by the foam.

Composition and Properties

It is easy to work, join, and install copper due to its ductility. Metallurgically, it can be joined by welding, soldering, or brazing. Due to its softness, it can fit into most design configurations.

Copper is rigid as well as readily formable, so it adds to the integrity of the system even when adverse conditions exist.

Copper wire mesh is used for shielding and earthing in telecommunication joints and other applications. The wire mesh should be applied with a slight tensile force, without pleats, and with a half overlap. A constant force spring or soldering must be used to fix the ends of the wire mesh.

We advise that copper does not react with water, but it does slowly react with atmospheric oxygen to form a brown-black layer of copper oxide. The oxide layer, in contrast to the oxidation of iron by moist air, prevents any further corrosion of the bulk.

Our copper wire mesh does not support the growth of bacteria.

Copper has long-lasting and maintenance-free properties, making it an ideal material for mechanical and industrial systems. Copper never needs to be painted to be corrosion-resistant. A thin film also forms that offers natural corrosion protection.

Copper wire mesh won’t burn or support combustion. Floors, walls, and ceilings will not catch fire, and it will not decompose into toxic gases.

Whether in a raw state or as part of a manufactured product, copper can be recycled 100% without affecting its quality. Based on volume, copper is the third most recycled metal after iron and aluminium.

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