Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Sheets 1m x 1m

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1 metre woven stainless steel wire mesh squares in Grade 304, 316 and 430 suitable for architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and frequently used in the food industry.

Stainless Steel gives a smooth and long lasting finish to any mesh panel. This product is available in 1 metre squares. Simply increase the quantity for the number of mesh squares required. More rigid specifications may be shipped as flat mesh panels.

Stainless Steel Mesh

The Mesh Company woven stainless steel mesh offers a high level of protection against corrosion. Stainless steel is an alloy which is highly resistant to rusting and is therefore longer lasting than most other wire mesh types.

304 Grade and 316 Grade Stainless Steel

We can supply either standard grade 304 stainless steel, or the higher quality grade 316 stainless steel, sometimes called Marine Grade. Grade 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum, added to boost its resistance to corrosion and should be selected if the material is to be used in a salt water or coastal environment.

430 Grade Stainless Steel

SS430 is a magnetic stainless steel grade. This grade is the most common magnetic grade of stainless steel used in industry. It is great for hundreds of applications and has outstanding forming and welding characteristics.

Product Range

We offer a large range of sheets in a number of different hole sizes, wire thicknesses, and dimensions to ensure that you can find the perfect mesh for your application. Stainless steel mesh panels can be used where an attractive, long lasting and rust-free mesh is required; from animal hutches, aviaries, mesh walls in bars and restaurants to decorating retail shop displays.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulty deciding which is the ideal mesh for you. Our sales team will be more than happy to help.

Mesh Specification:

Some fine wire mesh has holes as small as 0.026mm, some heavy meshes may have holes as large as 10mm. Wire diameter goes as small as 0.025mm, or upwards of 1.6mm+.

When selecting your specification, please take note of the hole size and the wire diameter. There are a huge number of different specifications of mesh. They vary enormously in terms of their potential application. Very small holes are typically used for filtration, larger holes tend to come with thicker wire, and are used for more robust applications like rodent proofing.

If you would like any advice about the specification you should use for your application, please get in touch with our sales team.

Stainless Steel for Corrosion Resistance:

Stainless steel is the gold-standard material for wire mesh. If you want your mesh to last a lifetime than stainless steel is the metal for you.

Our Stainless steel wire mesh contains at least 16% chromium which makes it extremely resistant to corrosion. We offer a huge range of different specifications, available in both AISI304 and AISI316 grade stainless steel.

Grade Chromium Nickel Molybdenum
304 Stainless 18% 8% 2%
316 Stainless 16% 10%


304 grade stainless steel will last hundreds of times longer than a mild or galvanised steel, but when extreme resistance to corrosion is required, choose 316 grade. 316 grade stainless has 2% Molybdenum added to it, which makes it perfect for use in external environments with a lot of chlorides in the air (coastal areas), as well as a whole host of industrial applications.

Large Quantities:

If you are business, repeat user, or need large quantities of wire mesh (multiple 30m rolls) please get in touch with the B2B sales team and we can quote based on higher / repeat volumes.


Delivery is 4 – 5 working days as standard. If you require delivery sooner please select expedited delivery at the checkout.

Additional information

Stainless Steel Grade

Stainless Steel 304 Grade, Stainless Steel 316 Grade, Stainless Steel 430 Grade

Mesh Specification

0.104mm Hole – 0.065mm Wire – 150 LPI, 0.18mm Hole – 0.12mm Wire – 80 LPI, 0.223mm Hole – 0.14mm Wire – 70 LPI, 0.263mm Hole – 0.16mm Wire – 60 LPI, 0.298mm Hole – 0.076mm Wire – 68 LPI, 0.378mm Hole – 0.16mm Wire – 50 LPI, 0.42mm Hole – 0.22mm Wire – 40 LPI, 0.497mm Hole – 0.25mm Wire – 34 LPI, 0.56mm Hole – 0.35mm Wire – 28 LPI, 0.87mm Hole – 0.4mm Wire – 20 LPI, 0.96mm Hole – 0.45mm Wire – 18 LPI, 1.03mm Hole – 0.56mm Wire – 16 LPI, 1.19mm Hole – 0.4mm Wire – 16 LPI, 1.31mm Hole – 0.28mm Wire – 16 LPI, 1.56mm Hole – 0.25mm Wire – 14 LPI, 1.57mm Hole – 0.24mm Wire – 14 LPI, 1.98mm Hole – 0.56mm Wire – 10 LPI, 11.1mm Hole – 1.6mm Wire – 2 LPI, 2.75mm Hole – 0.43mm Wire – 8 LPI, 3.88mm Hole – 1.2mm Wire – 5 LPI, 4mm Hole – 1mm Wire – 5 LPI, 5.10mm Hole – 1.2mm Wire – 4 LPI, 5.45mm Hole – 0.9mm Wire – 4 LPI, 6.867mm Hole – 1.6mm Wire – 3 LPI, 6.87mm Hole – 1.6mm Wire – 3 LPI, Pond Filtration 0.263mm Hole – 0.16mm Wire – 60 LPI


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