Beekeeping Mesh National Hive Varroa Floor – Stainless Steel (#8 Mesh – 2.48mm Aperture – 0.7mm Wire Diameter)

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Allows for ideal hive ventilation.

The perfect hole size for the dreaded varroa mite.

Bargain price & top quality.

2.48mm hole and 0.7mm wire thickness.

Varroa Mesh

A common problem in modern beekeeping is the presence of the
dreaded Varroa mite.

Varroa mites are an external parasitic mite that attacks honey bees
these attacks cause a disease known as Varroatosis. They can only
thrive in a honey bee colony and, if unchecked, can spell the end of a

The solution is simple – a woven wire mesh flooring. As the mites fall off
their bee hosts they will fall through the mesh. This will prevent them
from crawling back up to the bees (as they would be able to with a
wooden floor). Up to 60% of mites could be removed from the hive with
this simple approach.

Mesh also provides essential ventilation for the colony.

Many beekeepers around the country are using this mesh to rid
themselves of the unwelcome varroa mite.

Hive Size Options

National Hive – 450mm x 450mm, 400mm x 500mm.

These panels of mesh are designed to fit perfectly into a ‘National’ style hive.

Please email us if you wish to order a bespoke size of any of our beekeeping materials.

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