25mm Hexagonal Hole Green PVC Coated Chicken Rabbit Wire Mesh Garden Aviary Fencing

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25mm Hexagonal Hole Green PVC Coated Chicken Rabbit Wire Mesh Garden Aviary Fencing

This mesh is used for many applications as well as chicken and rabbit protection. For example we see a lot of customers use them in aviaries, pet cages and garden fencing.



Our green PVC coated chicken mesh is galvanised steel chicken wire with a dark green PVC plastic coating used not just as better protection for the wire against weather and corrosion but it also can last even longer and has improved strength.

The green PVC coating is a great benefit as it’s safer for animals such as rabbits, chickens, rodents, cats etc. rather than standard galvanised chicken mesh as they can’t hurt themselves on sharp edges as easily. It’s also great for camouflage as the green blends in with your garden surroundings better than chicken mesh without the coating which is a metallic grey colour.

Like the galvanised chicken wire mesh, it constructed in a hexagonal shape pattern for maximum reinforcement and can be bent and manipulated into and shape required. It also comes in the same mesh specs ad the galvanised chicken wire mesh, specs are listed below:

Hole Size: 13mm, 25mm and 50mm

Width: 900mm (3ft) and 1200mm (4ft)

Length: 5 Metre (16.5ft), 10 Metre (33ft) and 25 Metre (82.5ft) Roll

Other uses for Chicken Mesh:

Outdoor floor grip/anti-slip wire
Deer control fencing
Tree guards
Chicken runs
Plastering and rendering support
Insulation support between joists


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