13mm Green PVC Chicken Mesh Wire Netting

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Chicken Mesh Wire

The Mesh Company Green PVC coated chicken wire is made from galvanised steel wire with a coating of PVC. Green PVC mesh is especially pleasing to the eye and more subtle in outdoor environments than the galvanised steel equivalent. The coating ensures that the product will have an even longer lifespan and it is also a safer option than the standard galvanised mesh for using when involving animals and pets.

Quick info:

  • Offers great corrosion and rust resistance
  • Long life span & durable in all conditions
  • Green mesh blends in perfectly in outdoor environments
  • Easy to unroll & cut

Traditionally a woven mesh manufacturer, we ventured into offering green netting in 2020. We have many years of established trade with the best quality mesh manufacturing facilities. This great product meets all of our stringent standard requirements.

Orders are picked and fulfilled by our amazing team at our Warrington factory within hours of order placement.

Chicken Wire Netting

Chicken wire with a coating of PVC is ideal where fencing or protecting crops is required, it is also discreet therefore it’s great for blending in with your garden, a hedge or any grassy area. Mesh can also be used at the bottom of tall fences, keeping out rabbits and other animals.

Similar to the galvanised chicken wire mesh, our Green PVC garden netting mesh is constructed in a hexagonal shape pattern for maximum reinforcement and can be bent and manipulated into any shape required.

Core Material – Mild Steel

Finish – Galvanised Wire Core with Green PVC Coating

Chicken wire netting is made by constructing it in a distinctive yet effective hexagonal pattern to have a strong, reinforced frame. At the same time it is also long lasting and can be easily manipulated into the format you want it.

The hexagonal mesh shape also means it can prevent larger garden animals such as chickens, rabbits and cats from getting through certain gaps or areas that require protection or are out of bounds. Please note that this mesh is not welded mesh, which we also sell in galvanised steel through our welded mesh section.

Available Choices

After conducting strenuous market research we decided to specialise in shorter length rolls. The result of this is that our 13mm galvanised steel chicken wire rolls are easier on the pocket and leave our customers will less left over netting once their project is completed. We offer a wide range of options for mesh specifications and roll dimensions. Here are the options that we have available for this wire fencing product:

  • Our standard roll lengths are 5 metres (16.5ft) and 10 metres (33ft)
  • Our standard roll widths are 600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft) and 1200mm (4ft)

Galvanised chicken mesh is normally a metallic grey colour but it can also come in a green PVC coating in the same mesh specs. The green PVC coating gives extra protection and reinforcement for even more longer lasting use; but mainly it is brilliant for camouflage. This is available through our chicken wire section in various hole sizes.

Life Expectancy

Advising customers that the life expectancy of galvanised wire netting is determined by the amount of wear and tear it is subjected to and the environment in which you are using it in. As a rule we advise that metal mesh should last 10 years in the right circumstances.

Other Uses

  • Pet fencing
  • Deer control fencing
  • Garden fencing
  • Crop protection
  • Tree guards
  • Chicken runs
  • Chicken sheds
  • Animal houses
  • Rodent deterrent
  • Plastering and rendering support
  • Insulation support between joists
  • Outdoor floor grip/anti-slip wire

How to build a chicken coop using chicken mesh wire

Ideally, you should provide both a chicken coop and a chicken run to ensure your chickens have a place to sleep and lay eggs comfortably whilst being able to run around, forage and bathe happily.

This all seems like a daunting project to start from scratch, especially for those who have never built one before, however we are here to make it as easy as possible for you.

What is the best mesh for a chicken coop?

Typically, a chicken mesh coop is constructed from galvanised steel or PVC-coated chicken wire which is made by shaping the wire into hexagonal holes.

PVC-coated chicken wire is essentially just galvanised steel chicken wire with a coloured plastic coating. This is often beneficial as it blends into your garden environment better and it also is less harmful to chickens as the coating allows protection against sharp wire edges.

These are the best kind of meshes to use as it has a strong structure to keep out predators such as foxes therefore giving them the ultimate protection whilst allowing great ventilation as well as a view over the garden.

The hexagon structure wire netting comes in a few different hole sizes such as 13mm, 25mm, 31mm and 50mm in both galvanised steel and PVC-coated chicken wire.

In addition, you could also use galvanised welded wire mesh. This has a strong linear structure for good protection and electric fencing as a second layer of safety for your chickens. This does not come in a PVC-coated option.

What other materials you need to build a chicken coop?

As well as your chosen chicken wire mesh, you will also require:

  • Wooden fence panels – for the chicken coop frame
  • Screws – for putting the frame together
  • Hinges and U-Pins/staples – to make fencing and a doorway for your chicken coop
  • Wood chips – to be the floor base for your chickens to run on

What tools do you require for building a chicken coop?

  • Spade – for digging area for chicken coop and chicken run to put wood chips in
  • Spirit level – for making sure your frame is straight
  • Ruler and pen – for marking points to saw the wooden panels
  • Drill and/or screwdriver – for screwing the wood panels together
  • Hammer – for adding nails into wooden panels
  • Pliers – for removing nails
  • Staple gun – for attaching the chicken wire to the wooden panels

Not all of these building tools are required depending on what you want to use, this is just a guide on what is suitable for building a chicken coop and chicken run.

How many chickens will fit inside a chicken coop?

Based on the size of your chicken coop determines how many chickens you could keep inside, it is recommended to have 4 sq feet for each chicken in the coop and 10 sq feet for each chicken in the run. For example, a 4 x 8ft chicken coop would allow up 10 chickens.

Other Garden Mesh Options

We don’t just offer 31mm galvanised steel chicken wire, we also offer a full range of green PVC coated options in several hole sizes. You may also be interest in our huge range of welded mesh available. Check out the welded mesh section for more details.

Please call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to.

We also offer this product through our highly popular eBay store, check us out there too.

Additional information

Chicken Mesh

5 Metre x 900mm Roll, 10 Metre x 900mm Roll, 10 Metre x 1200mm Roll

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