10mm Round Hole Mild Steel Perforated Metal Mesh Sheets – 15mm Pitch – 3mm Thick

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Mild Steel Perforated Metal Mesh Sheets

Mild steel perforated metal mesh sheets are produced by punching flat plate with a specific pattern. This is driven by the customer’s requirement for the metal for cosmetic or application purposes.

Perforated sheets are commonly often used in applications where the passing of air is required. Because the holes are punched it is possible to have a far stronger finished metal product than it would be for the equivalent thickness in woven or welded mesh. Ventilation and filtration are the main uses for this mesh type.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key characteristics of this sheet metal:

  • Bending & Forming – Fair. You could bend this metal with basic tools but not by hand. The thicker the sheet the harder this is to do
  • Corrosion Resistance – Poor. We do not recommend mild steel f you require high resistance to corrosion. You should use one of our stainless steel options if this is required
  • Machining, Drilling & Grinding: Good. Mild steel is the metal choice for many forms of machining and grinding
  • Welding – Excellent. You could easily weld with this mesh to suit your requirements
  • Painting – Good. Mild steel is used when a layer of paint needs to be added. Galvanised and stainless steel will not take paint

Pressed Steel Mesh

The specifications for this 10mm perforated metal mesh sheets are as follows:

  • Hole Size (Aperture) – 10mm round hole
  • Pitch – 15mm. The pitch is measured from the start of one hole to the next or the hole size plus the gap between the hole
  • Thickness – 3mm thick flat sheet

This type of perforated metal sheet has round holes punched in a triangular pattern. We also offer square and various other shapes.

Round holed steel and aluminium mesh are suitable for a large range of purposes. We have set a wide range of sheet sizes through this listing that should cover most requirements.

All of our perforated metal is available in a maximum of 2000 x 1000mm sheet size upon request. Please email us if you wish to discuss purchasing these larger sheets – sales@themeshcompany.com.

Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to.

We also offer this product through our highly popular eBay store, check us out there too.

Mild Steel

Plain steel does not have any coating layers, consequently it is easy for it to show signs of rust and corrosion. Rust is especially likely when used in damp environments.

If your perforated steel does show signs off rust then you should employ WD40 or buff it out with a sander.

Welding and painting are easy with mild steel. This plain steel is also magnetic.

Perforated Metal Uses

Our customers have used perforated metals for the following applications:

  • Airbrick vent coverings for rodent control and airflow
  • Air conditioning guards
  • Bridge and balustrade construction
  • Various structural steel works
  • Automotive repair
  • Various DIY and basic engineering applications

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