0.51mm Hole Pure Copper Woven Wire Mesh UK Supply – 0.1mm Wire – 42 LPI

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Pure Copper Woven Wire Mesh UK Supply

This 0.51mm hole coarse copper woven mesh UK made. We love working with copper mesh. It is so soft to cut and use compared to the stainless equivalent.

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The Mesh Company is one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel wire mesh in the United Kingdom. Additionally, in addition to stocking only the best products, we provide the most helpful customer service by providing bespoke cutting and fast shipping.

We are the best suppliers for your needs because:

  • FREE UK delivery on all orders
  • Orders dispatched within 24 hours of order
  • Located in Warrington, UK which is the UK home of mesh and metals
  • Our experienced staff are experts in the mesh market and care personally about your customer experience

The Mesh Company has an enormous range of wire mesh products.  We truly are an industry leader among suppliers of weld mesh and woven wire materials. With the capabilities we have in-house, we can provide virtually anything you require. Chicken wireinsect meshing and rodent mesh materials are also available in large stock quantities at bargain prices.

What Can I Do With This Metal?

Below is a quick breakdown of the key characteristics of this type of copper woven mesh:

  • Bending & Forming – Excellent. Produced using solid copper wire. Copper is light and flexible making it the finished structure is malleable
  • Corrosion Resistance – Excellent. Copper is essentially corrosion-proof
  • Filtration – Good. This specification was originally woven to be used as a filter mesh. It will filter out all particles that are 2.5mm or larger
  • Welding – Possible. Soldering, brazing, and welding can all be used to join copper and copper alloys
  • Painting – Good. Spray paint can be used to paint copper. The metal should be clean and dry before spray painting. An epoxy primer should be applied to promote adhesion

Copper is the only metal that has a natural colour other than grey or silver. This makes it an ideal decorative metal.

Architects and designers use natural verdigris or patina in their designs to create a distinctive effect. Final patinas are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. The consequence being that underlying metals are protected from further weathering.

You will find this metal mesh to be of interest if you require tough product for a filtration application. We use quality copper wire to weave this heavy duty mesh.

Due to the thick wire diameter of this 0.35mm hole copper wire mesh would be suitable for rodent proofing ad insect mesh if required.

We cut this thickness of mesh using scissors and would also recommend tin snips.

 Woven Wire

The specifications for this 0.51mm hole copper woven mesh are as follows:

  • Holes / Wires Per Linear Inch = 42
  • Holes / Wires Per Square Inch = 1,764
  • Wire Thickness = 0.1mm
  • Hole Size / Aperture = 0.51mm
  • Open Area % = 70%
  • Cut With – Scissors. We would use scissors

This woven wire work as a sieve for anything larger than 0.51mm.

RFI Screening

Copper mesh is popular for EMI and RFI shielding applications because of its high electrical conductivity. As a result of its high thermal conductivity, it is frequently used as a heat shield in the industrial sector as it conducts heat up to eight times better than other commonly used metals.

Shielding materials need not be solid. Mesh holes in the shielding enclosure’s surface are acceptable if they are smaller than the wavelength being shielded. This is what the Faraday cage does best.

Hundreds of customers use this mesh for RFI screening every year.

Our customers often use this top quality mesh for interior decorative panelling.

Composition and Properties

It is easy to work, join, and install copper due to its ductility. Metallurgically, it can be joined by welding, soldering, or brazing. Due to its softness, this mesh can fit into most design configurations.

Copper is rigid as well as readily formable, so it adds to the integrity of the system even when adverse conditions exist.

Corrosion Resistance

Below are some quick details about the corrosion resistance properties of copper mesh:

  • Does not react with water. It does slowly react with atmospheric oxygen to form a brown-black layer of copper oxide. The oxide layer, in contrast to the oxidation of iron by moist air, prevents any further corrosion of the bulk
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria
  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free properties. Making it an ideal material for mechanical and industrial systems
  • Never needs to be painted to be corrosion-resistant. A thin film also forms that offers natural corrosion protection
  • This mesh won’t burn. Copper does not support combustion

Plain Weave

The Mesh Company produces plain weave wire mesh. Plain weave is where each warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa. Usually the warp and weft wires are of the same diameter.

Plain weaves are used for the majority of commercial applications and for filtration where a high flow rate is required. Plain weave has a massive range of possibilities.

Available Options

We offer this range of mesh panel sizes available here in a wide range of options.

Please call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to.

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Thank you for checking out our listing. We really appreciate it.

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