0.31mm Hole Fine Steel Woven Wire Mesh – 0.2mm Wire – 50 LPI

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Woven Wire Fine Steel Mesh

0.31mm hole fine mild steel mesh made from 0.35mm wire. This wire is fairly thick to be woven to form a mesh netting of this hole size, as a consequence it is fairly robust for a fine mesh.

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The Mesh Company is one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel wire mesh in the United Kingdom. Additionally, in addition to stocking only the best products, we provide the most helpful customer service by providing bespoke cutting and fast shipping.

We are the best suppliers for your needs because:

  • FREE UK delivery on all orders
  • Orders dispatched within 24 hours of order
  • Located in Warrington, UK which is the UK home of mesh and metals
  • Our experienced staff are experts in the mesh market and care personally about your customer experience

The Mesh Company has an enormous range of wire mesh products.  We truly are an industry leader among suppliers of weld mesh and woven wire materials. With the capabilities we have in-house, we can provide virtually anything you require. Chicken wireinsect meshing and rodent mesh materials are also available in large stock quantities at bargain prices.

What Can I Do With This Metal?

Below is a breakdown of the key characteristics of this mild steel metal mesh:

  • Bending & Forming – Fair. It is possible to bend this metal with basic tools and by hand. The thicker the mesh the harder this is to do
  • Corrosion Resistance – Poor. We do not recommend mild steel f you require high resistance to corrosion. You should use one of our stainless steel options if this is required
  • Machining, Drilling & Grinding: Good. Mild steel is the metal choice for many forms of machining and grinding
  • Welding – Excellent. You could easily weld with this mesh to suit your requirements
  • Painting – Good. Mild steel is used when a layer of paint needs to be added. However, galvanised and stainless steel will not take paint easily

There are many reasons to use mild steel mesh for your mesh requirement. Above all, it allows for great airflow while providing strength and structure.

Fine Steel Mesh Screen

Below are the specifications of this 0.31mm fine steel mesh:

  • Mesh Count = 50 holes per linear inch. The amount of holes measured against a straight line inch
  • Holes / Wires Per Square Inch = 2,500 holes per square inch. The amount of holes per linear inch squared
  • Wire Thickness = 0.2mm. The thickness of each wire. The structure is thicker than this where two wires meet
  • Hole Size / Aperture = 0.31mm. This is the square hole size from wire to wire
  • Open Area % = 37%. The amount of the mesh that is open. The higher this number the more open a mesh is. This is a very high open area%
  • Cut With – We cut this mesh with standard kitchen scissors. We suggest that you do the same

Filters out particles larger than 0.31mm.

Plain Weave

The Mesh Company specialises in plain weave woven wire mesh. Woven mesh is made on a loom by crossing each warp wire alternately above and below every weft wire, and vice versa. Warp and weft wires are normally of the same diameter.

Most commercial applications and filtration systems requiring high flow rates use this type of mesh. The wires are loose, but the weave is tight so the structure is strong.

Weaving the wires allows for the smallest hole size possible out of all mesh types.

140 years of experience goes into producing this mesh.

Mild Steel

Plain steel does not have any coating layers, therefore it is easy for it to show signs of rust and corrosion. Rust is especially likely when used in damp environments.

If your perforated steel does show signs off rust then you should employ WD40 or buff it out with a sander.

Welding and painting are easy with mild steel. Mild steel is also a magnetic metal.

About The Mesh Company

In 2008 Locker Wire Weavers launched The Mesh Company to bring our enormous range of wire mesh products to the general public for the first time. Previously wire mesh was only available for trade customers.

We continue to extend our range, and now proudly offer many forms of mesh and metal products for the best possible prices. We specialise in woven wire mesh. As a group we work closely with architects and designers to develop ground-breaking new applications for our multifunctional range of materials. We also offer state of the art fabrication and engineering for projects of all sizes.

Strong ties with the Warrington community continue to be at the very core of our business. We are proud to invest in the training and developing our staff of all levels in line with the traditions set by Thomas Locker, who founded our group 150 years ago when he invented the electronic loom. We continue to bring ingenuity and strong ethics to our day to day business.

The Mesh Company continues Warrington’s historic role in the wire industry. For more than 140 years, our group has been a leader in the supply and manufacture of woven wire mesh and wire cloth. Having been founded in Warrington, UK in 1878, Locker mesh products still retain the quality craftsmanship and spirit of innovation that were so characteristic then.

Available Options

You will find the range of mesh panel sizes available here offer a wide range of options, that have been designed to suit most requirements. Please be advised that the majority of woven mesh is usually available in a maximum roll size of 30 metres by 1200mm. Please email us if you wish to discuss purchasing these larger sheets – sales@themeshcompany.com.

Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to.

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